It is a good idea to check your vehicle thoroughly at the start of the winter season to ensure your safety and to prevent unnecessary breakdowns. Our winter check includes the following items

Good road holding is vital in winter and we check tyre tread and also look for cracks and bulges which might cause problems.

Cooling system failure is the leading cause of engine related breakdowns during the winter months. We will check your system including the hoses and top with antifreeze if necessary.

Windscreen Wipers
We will make sure that the window wipers on your car remove water from your windscreen screen efficiently and replace them if they are cracked or worn

We will make sure that all the battery connections are pushed on tightly and that the wires are in good repair. Our battery test will ensure you don't have any winter starting problems

We check your brakes and your brake fluid levels.

We make sure that all your lights, including fog lights, are in full working order and the bulbs don't need replacing.